Founders Profiles


Founder, President & CEO

Sylvestre Kisite the friend of people and the nature was born on 5th October, 1952, at Madaba Village, Songea district, Ruvuma Region, Southern part of Tanzania. He is married and a father of eight. He was educated in Catholic Mission schools to Secondary school level, until 1970 at Likonde Seminary.

In 1971, he was employed by the Government of Tanzania as a clerk. In end of 1975 he participated in The National Departmental Examinations – The Competitive Examinations to executive grade (Equivalent to A level - form six). He passed very well the Examinations and upgraded to a post of executive officer. In June 1975, he was appointed to lead a successful two months campaign of household collection of items to be packed in lorries and later be transported straight to Mozambique from the then FRELIMO Orphanage camp at Masonya, Tunduru, Tanzania, after getting their Independence. In 1978, he qualified as a stenographer at Dar es Salaam secretarial college (Magogoni), after attending two years In- service Training course. In 1983, he resigned from the Government Employment and joined with International Road Construction Companiy Ltd, The Bal for Beatty Company and the Arup Altkins, all from the United Kingdom (1984-1994). He really gained a lot of knowledge and experiences from his fellow foreign staff.

In 2005 he went on to establish a not-for-profit, Non Governmental Organization:SALISU and he assumed the roles of the Founder, President & CEO.

He is interested in organic & fish Farming. He loves everybody and the nature, he is ready to help any needy person without segregation.

His hobbies: Listening to music: Classicals, Blues and Country; news, movies, photography, reading, and traveling.

He speaks Ndendeule: his mother tongue, Swahili and English.

In February 2011, he attended an International Symposium – ECHO East Africa Symposium held in Arusha, Tanzania on organic farming – Improve Lives through Agriculture, organized by the Education Concerns for Hunger Organization (ECHO), of North Fort Myers, Florida, USA. He was very much encouraged with the Symposium.