Our Areas of Operation

Environmental Conservation:

A way to bring local people together to protect,conserve and manage their land,water, animals and plants so that they can use these natural resources to improve their lives, The lives of their children and that of their grandchildren. e.g. Endangered species, farm and food policy. To participate on reducing global worming and suddenly climatic changes.

Poverty and Hunger Eradication

Sports and Culture Promotion.

Contribute National Efforts on: HIV / AIDS Prevention

Care and Support:

Disaster Risk Reduction:

The organization will organize, prepare, train youth volunteers on Disaster Risk Reduction. Would have well trained youth groups on Disaster Risk Reduction Services as the Disaster Brigaders, be ready to any type of Disaster – Fire, Floods ,earthquakes, Hurricanes, Accidents, Famine etc.

Women and Girls Development Affairs:

Youth and Kids Development Affairs: